Our commitment

Commitment that goes a long way

We promote young athletes

We support the cheerleading group UCB United Cheer Berlin – Legends, which has been with the football team SC Staaken 1919 e.V. since 2010. With more than 250 members, this is the largest cheerleading troupe in Berlin.

The UCB Legends is a performance-focused group that has enjoyed much success within Germany and abroad. Two of the 12 teams train in the first and second Bundesliga divisions. Several senior women are in the German national squad and take part in world championships.

Homepage: www.united-cheer-berlin.com

Staying on the ball matters ...

... so we support youth sport

Real estate is our abiding passion, but we find fair, sportsmanlike competition just as thrilling. That’s why we support local sport, especially the youth divisions


With about 2,500 members, Sportfreunde Kladow e.V. is one of the biggest sports clubs in the Spandau area and offers a range of sports.

We are proud to support it.



and the Tennis Club Gatow.

Our five well-tended clay courts lie between the banks of the Havel to the east and the Gatow fields to the west.



SC Staaken – we provide the U15 team of this football club with football shirts and tracksuits.

Let’s go, guys!


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